Hi! My name is Jessica and I am the content creator of The Savvy Pantry @thesavvypantry.


My passion and purpose includes food, health, sustainability and how all of these things are connected. I work towards being very thoughtful and conscious of the cause and effect of where our consumer products come from and where they will ultimately end up.  This includes being thoughtful in terms of where the ingredients come from, if they are ethically sourced and if the packaging is minimal.

So why the Savvy Pantry?  Because I want to show you that you can make anything with what you have on hand.  Whether it be a meal with only ingredients from your pantry or a DIY project using old cardboard boxes.

I love to show people that by making small changes in your daily routine, it can make a big impact on your long term health as well as the planet’s health.

I hope to spark a curiosity in you that will inspire you to look into your own pantry and create something new and exciting for yourself.

Now set forth and be savvy!