What I Eat in a Day in Zurich


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Since we came to visit Zurich as a tag-along to Sean’s conference (which was in February 2019 FYI!), this meant that I had 1 full day to roam around the city by myself while he was at his conference.  This gave me a chance to check out all of the vegan restaurants I wanted to try in Zurich and re-visit some of the sights we had seen earlier in the week.

See below for all of the food that I ate in a day in Zurich!  It wasn’t much, and to be honest I thought I would have eaten more food.  But Zurich was really expensive so I am glad that the food was very filling.

The first restaurant that I tried was Roots and Friends.  This restaurant was within a 5-minute walk from the train station which was perfect because I was pretty hungry when I arrived in the city.  I arrived around 11 which was perfect because it was right before the lunch rush.  Right after ordering and sitting down, there ended up being a huge line up of people picking up orders to go, so it was nice to get a seat and people watch while I ate my meal.  Though February in Zurich is much milder than in Canada, it was still a bit chilly so I opted for a miso soup (which unfortunately is no longer on their menu according to their website) with a matcha latte on the side.

The soup was wonderfully flavoured with miso but also had a slight Thai curry flavour as well.  It was filled with lots of raw veggies like cabbage and carrots and topped with fresh cilantro and mint.  The matcha latte was the perfect dessert to go alongside my meal and was wonderfully creamy but not too sweet.

After lunch I walked around the city to visit some sights as I made my way over to the popular grocery/department store Co-op.  I wanted to make a trip here because I heard that they had a huge selection of vegan foods (check out my vegan food haul found here) and wanted to bring some treats home.  I probably spent an hour here because it was so nice to explore and discover all of the different foods that they.

On my way to my next destination, I wanted to visit a different Hiltl location (we had visited one on our first day for lunch) just to check out the selection.  I really like this chain since both times I’ve been, they offered different selection of food which is great because it will keep you wanting to visit over and over again.  However, the food is weighted so it does add up pretty quickly.

On my way back to the train station, I wanted to get some ice cream and bring back some dinner to the hotel.  I was happy to have found The Sacred which had a nice vegan ice cream bar at the front as well as a weighted buffet with a great selection of food so that I can bring back to share with Sean.  The front also had a little section where you could purchase soy and vegan products to cook at home.  The owner was super nice and let me sample a few ice cream flavours before I chose the pistachio.  I wish I had a chance to visit this restaurant again because there was so many things I wanted to try.  For dinner, I took home a selection of veggie curries and some almond feta which was delicious.

Hope you guys enjoyed the list of restaurants that I checked out during our visit.  There were so many more that I didn’t get to check out since I only had a few days to explore.  But I will definitely keep a list handy for if we ever visit Zurich again.

Now set forth and be savvy!

Weekend in Tulum, Mexico

Grand Bahia Principe Tulum

Hey Savvys!

This spring really started off to a sunny start, even though we’ve been experiencing wintery weather here in Canada. I had such a lovely experience traveling for the first time with all of my girls overseas! Growing up, we’ve always talked about vacationing and traveling the world together, but with our differing schedules (some of us working full time or still in school), it was always a challenge to find time together.

Earlier this month, we finally had the chance to travel together! We celebrated my sister’s bachelorette in style in Tulum, Mexico! We stayed at the gorgeous Grand Bahia Principe Tulum. I’ve stayed at this chain a few years ago in the Dominican Republic, so I already had an idea of what to expect in terms of the layout and resort amenities. But what I didn’t realize was how GRAND this resort in Tulum really was!

The resort: The actual Grand Bahia Principe Tulum resort is quite large in itself, but actually sits in a little community connected to 2 other resorts: the Grand Bahia Principe Coba resort as well as the Grand Bahia Principe Akumel resort and golf course. This resort is so large that there is even a disco and market on site! There is also a little train that picks you up from the front lobby of each hotel and can bring you to the different areas of the extended resort, as well as bring you to your Villa if you don’t feel like walking.

I also love that this resort seemed to be operating as sustainably as possible.  There were no more uses of single-use plastic cups or straws on site.  Everything was replaced with plastic reusable cups and compostable plates and cutlery outside of the restaurants.  They also had an extensive explanation of their recycling and composting programs in the lobby, which I was very happy to see being executed when we were at the snack bar on the beach.

The Rooms: I’ve been to resorts before where we had to take an elevator to our room since the resort consisted of hotel buildings. I love that we got to stay in villa type rooms, as it really adds to the beach atmosphere, really maximizing the amount of fresh air we can get. We stayed on the second floor of unit 25 which looked out onto the garden.

Since we were a group of 8, the resort concierge was so accommodating and had our 3 rooms all next to each other.

Our room did have a few problems: the front lock had some technical where the key wouldn’t work. It took 3 times for a staff member to come fix it which was a bit annoying but luckily since all of our rooms were next to each other, we didn’t have any issues hanging out in each other’s rooms. Our shower also didn’t drain properly, but while we were out to dinner, someone came and fixed it. The shower also took a bit of time to warm up, which felt like we were wasting a lot of water having it run till it was warm enough (our unit was 2513).

We received a 2L water bottle each day of our stay, which was great because we always had water on hand when going to the beach and pool. We also had access to the mini fridge, but didn’t really take advantage because it contained colas and beer, which we could get in the restaurants.  The toiletries were typical as well, with shampoo, conditioner, soap and a sewing kit readily available in the bathroom.

The beach: It should be noted that the beaches of Mexico tend to have a lot of seaweed washed ashore from the ocean.  There were crew there every day shovelling as much of the sea weed they could.  Other than that, the beaches were not rocky at all and the waters of course were gorgeous.

The food: I was a bit disappointed by the food based on my expectations from previously vising Mexico as well as Bahia Principe.  There was definitely a lot of food to eat, but since I was trying to eat as plant based as possible, I was disappointed to not be able to find beans more readily available.  The snack bar had lots of selections to make your own tacos and always had guac and salsa readily available, but I would have liked to have seen more bean selections for non-meat eaters.  There was always lots of fresh fruit like papaya, pineapple and mango which we indulged in with every meal.

TheSavvyPantry-Tulul-April2019 (11)

We only visited Tulum for 3 full days and we never left the resort, but it was a great way for us to recharge after the long winter we had.  I would recommend visiting another resort if you are looking for more of a typical bachelorette style energy, but we were pretty laid back and just enjoyed relaxing in the sun and each other’s company.

Don’t forget to check out my video below!

Now set forth and be savvy!