Pixi’s Vitamin-C Collection Skincare Routine + Review

Pixi Vitamin-C Collecton Review - Logo


Hi Savvys!

I was so excited to have received my first ever Pixi products!  I love that Pixi is cruelty free, paraben free and uses natural ingredients.  I received this Vitamin-C Collection which consisted of 5 products for a full skin care routine.  Continue reading below to see the order of which I used the products and my review!

Logo-Vitamin C Juice Cleanser

This was the first time I ever saw a cleanser pump like this.  To be honest, I was a bit confused on how to use it because when you pump, the cleanser goes all over the place since it’s very thin and liquidy. I ended up just pouring it into my palm before applying it to my face.  I found the cleanser to be quite refreshing, light smelling and more importantly made my face feel fresh and clean.

Logo-Vitamin C Tonic Toner

I’ve said this before about toners, but I really wish companies would put their toners in spray bottles.  Not only is it easier to apply but you are also using less since when you pour it onto a cotton pad, most of it is absorbed into the pad rather than applied onto your face.  Much like the cleanser, this toner made my face feel immediately refreshed.  I also really liked how well it went following the cleanser.

Logo-Vitamin C Serum

I loved how cute this serum bottle was.  It reminded me of when I was a child going through my mother’s beauty products.  A little goes a long way and I loved how cooling it was on my face.  I used this right after I applied the toner.

Logo-Vitamin C Caviar Balm

I tried to search online to see in which order I needed to apply this caviar balm in but couldn’t find the information so I assume it needs to be applied after the serum but before the lotion.  This caviar balm was so thick that you only need a little dollop. I loved the feeling on my face and my neck.

Logo-Vitamin C Lotion

I find it so hard to find a daytime lotion because I usually like to use SPF for added protection.  However I did love this as a night time cream.  It is so thick and made my skin feel so fresh and plumped in the morning.  Perfect for my night time routine.

Overall I love this line not only because Pixi in general is cruelty free, but I loved how natural and non-synthetic all of the products were.  They had a subtle citrus smell and made my face feel so fresh.

Hope you guys found this review helpful.  I am looking forward to the next Pixi products that I try.

Now set forth and be Savvy!

Kat Von D Go Big or Go Home VoxBox

Kat Von D Go Big or Go Home

Hi Savvys!

I was so excited to have received Influenster’s Kat Von D Go Big or Go Home VoxBox.  Firstly, I love how Influenster is highlighting lots of cruelty free and vegan beauty products lately.  This is my second VoxBox that I’ve received that is cruelty free and vegan, which makes me super excited to see that this is where the industry is headed towards.

The Go Big or Go Home VoxBox features the Go Big or Go Home Mascara and Tattoo Liner.  Both of these products are made with plant based fats, is cruelty free and vegan.

TheSavvyPantry-KatVonDGoBigorGoHomeVoxbox- (4)

The Go Big or Go Home Mascara: Upon opening the container, the first thing I noticed was that the mascara seemed a bit clumpy.  I decided to apply the mascara on without curling my eye lashes to see how well it would hold up to my short and stubborn lashes.  After applying the first coat, the mascara did come on a bit clumpy.  But after a few more coats, it became smooth and made my lashes look thick.  It even managed to curl my lashes up a bit!

TheSavvyPantry-KatVonDGoBigorGoHomeVoxbox- (5)

The Tattoo Liner: This liner really does look as thin as a tattoo needle (of course I exaggerate, but it was that pointy!).  I don’t have a steady hand for liquid liners, but on my first try (you can see it in my video!), I was able to achieve a straight line.  I would definitely find this useful when wanting to make a bold statement with your eyes.

TheSavvyPantry-KatVonDGoBigorGoHomeVoxbox- (3)

Overall because this is plant based and effective, I would highly recommend it to anyone wanting a bold and dramatic look.

TheSavvyPantry-KatVonDGoBigorGoHomeVoxbox- (1)

Hope you guys found this review helpful.  I am looking forward to the different looks that I can create with the sleek tattoo liner and mascara!!

Note that I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes.

See below link for my video!

Now set forth and be Savvy!


Clean & Clear Lemon Cleansing Line

Clean & Clear Lemon Cleansing Line

Hi Savvys!

I received the Clean & Clear Lemon VoxBox from Influenster for review.  This VoxBox gave me so much nostalgia because Clean & Clear was the first brand of facial cleansing products that I ever used as a teenager!


This VoxBox was very generous – I received their Toner, Cleansing wipes and Scrub complimentary.  I will surely be set for a year!


The Toner: Everyone needs a good toner in their routine.  After you wash your face, it is important to use a toner to help restore the PH balance.  The reason we feel that tightness after washing our face is because we’ve thrown our PH balance off, and a good toner will put that balance back, making your face feel refreshed!  The lemon toner did just that, making my face feel nourished and refreshed.  The only thing I did notice was that the scent did smell a bit like Mr. Clean.  Also, I prefer my toners to be in spray bottles for easy application – since toners are as thin as water, when you apply it to a cotton pad you are actually getting more product onto the cotton pad than your face.

The Scrub: This scrub is so gentle on my skin and made it feel so soft after using it.  I typically only use scrubs once a month because my skin is so sensitive, and was a bit apprehensive of this one.  The beads feel smaller than other scrubs I’ve used and much softer.  I will definitely be using this again and recommend it to anyone looking for a scrub.

The Cleansing Wipes: I am not a customer of wipes because they are not compostable or biodegradable.  I am also pretty minimalist when it comes to my skincare routine so the less the better for me.  However, for people who do like to purchase cleansing wipes, I do recommend this brand because it was very effective on my sensitive skin.  Check out my video below for my review and how these wipes were able to remove all of my makeup!

Now set forth and be Savvy!

Vichy Liftactiv Collagen Specialist Voxbox

Vichy Liftactiv Collagen Specialist

Hi Savvys!

I was so surprised to have received the Vichy Liftactiv Collagen Specialist VoxBox complimentary for review. I am getting into a more comprehensive skincare routine and am always looking for new products to try.


I’ve noticed a trend recently about collagen products, which helps firm up aging skin. I was curious to see what this could do for my skin since my skin is still pretty firm and fine line free.

Upon opening the container, I found that it was really strong smelling. It was actually kind of off putting because I am not used to products that are so strong. I’ve used other Vichy products before and have noticed that in general, they do tend to be strong smelling, but this was really uncomfortable.

The packing is pretty and they do have really good ingredients, like vitamin c, is made without parabens and is hypoallergenic. I used this for 3 days and did notice that my skin felt immediately firmer and plumper.


Overall, I do not think I would purchase this product because of the smell. I’m sure I can find similar products that is less stress on my nostrils. Hope you guys found this review helpful.

See below link for my video!

Now set forth and be Savvy!

Covergirl Exhibitionist Mascara Review

COVERGIRL Exhibitionist Mascara Review

Hi Savvys!

I’m so happy to have received Influenster’s Covergirl Exhibitionist VoxBox.  With Covergirl’s new success of becoming cruelty free, it sends a signal to other beauty companies that as consumers, this is what we want!  We don’t want our products tested on animals while we still want the same quality expected from these large companies.

With the launch of this VoxBox to help socialize Covergirl’s new cruelty free status, the products for review include the Exhibitionist mascara, liquid eyeliner and lipstick.


The mascara: there’s been so much hype about this Exhibitionist Mascara that I had developed high hopes for it.  I decided not to curl my lashes before apply it because I wanted to see how it would hold up to my straight and stubby lashes.  I was a bit disappointed because it didn’t make my lashes look any thicker than how they usually look.  I was impressed however that it was able to curl my lashes and make it look slightly different.

The liquid eyeliner: you definitely need to have a steady hand if you are not used to liquid liners.  It had been a few years since the last time I tried liquid liners and I must say I loved it.  It went on smoothly and dried pretty quickly.  I really helped completed my look along with my mascara for an overall finished look.

The lipstick: I LOVE this lipstick!  It glides on smoothly and is such a luscious shade of red.  I will definitely be wearing this shade in the future.

Hope you guys found this review helpful.  As someone who doesn’t wear makeup often, it was very helpful to have received all 3 products to help me complete my look for any  occasion.  I do have to say I will definitely be thinking about applying this more in my daily routine!


See below link for my video!

Now set forth and be Savvy!