Clean & Clear Lemon Cleansing Line

Clean & Clear Lemon Cleansing Line

Hi Savvys!

I received the Clean & Clear Lemon VoxBox from Influenster for review.  This VoxBox gave me so much nostalgia because Clean & Clear was the first brand of facial cleansing products that I ever used as a teenager!


This VoxBox was very generous – I received their Toner, Cleansing wipes and Scrub complimentary.  I will surely be set for a year!


The Toner: Everyone needs a good toner in their routine.  After you wash your face, it is important to use a toner to help restore the PH balance.  The reason we feel that tightness after washing our face is because we’ve thrown our PH balance off, and a good toner will put that balance back, making your face feel refreshed!  The lemon toner did just that, making my face feel nourished and refreshed.  The only thing I did notice was that the scent did smell a bit like Mr. Clean.  Also, I prefer my toners to be in spray bottles for easy application – since toners are as thin as water, when you apply it to a cotton pad you are actually getting more product onto the cotton pad than your face.

The Scrub: This scrub is so gentle on my skin and made it feel so soft after using it.  I typically only use scrubs once a month because my skin is so sensitive, and was a bit apprehensive of this one.  The beads feel smaller than other scrubs I’ve used and much softer.  I will definitely be using this again and recommend it to anyone looking for a scrub.

The Cleansing Wipes: I am not a customer of wipes because they are not compostable or biodegradable.  I am also pretty minimalist when it comes to my skincare routine so the less the better for me.  However, for people who do like to purchase cleansing wipes, I do recommend this brand because it was very effective on my sensitive skin.  Check out my video below for my review and how these wipes were able to remove all of my makeup!

Now set forth and be Savvy!

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