Neutrogena Bright Boost Review


Hi Savvys,

I received the full Neutrogena Bright Boost skincare line from Chickadvisor for review.  This line includes products for a full skin care routine including a scrub, serum, moisturizer and SPF moisturizer.  See my youtube video for the full review and routing!  Continue reading below for the review of each product.

Now set forth and be savvy!

TheSavvyPantry-NeutrogenaBrightBoost (2)


TheSavvyPantry-NeutrogenaBrightBoost (4)

I really like this scrub.  It has a mild smell and is also very mild on my skin.  It isn’t abrasive at all which is great because I find scrubs usually make my face turn red after using them because of the harshness of the scrubs.  I also like that it went on in a light layer and washed off very easily.  They do recommend only using this 2-3 times a week, so you will have to find another daily cleanser to complete this routine.


I love serums because they are often times very light and make my skin feel fresh and plump.  I did notice that this serum is quite thick, but liquid enough that my skin was able to absorb it very quickly.  I also liked that it didn’t leave my hand feeling sticky which is great because my face didn’t feel sticky either.  I would definitely recommend this as a daily serum.


TheSavvyPantry-NeutrogenaBrightBoost (3)

I love how thick and creamy this moisturizing gel cream is.  The container itself made it seem very luxurious even though Neutrogena is an everyday commercial brand.  Upon opening the container, there is a protective plastic lid inside with a handle for easy application and to prevent the cream from going all over the container’s lid.  I also really liked that this had a light smell and made my skin feel very hydrated.  I am actually using this as a night cream because I use the SPF moisturizer as a day cream.


TheSavvyPantry-NeutrogenaBrightBoost (5)

I absolutely love that this moisturizer is SPF 30.  It is so important to have SPF in your daily moisturizer to protect our skin from the harsh rays of the sun.  Most moisturizers I’ve seen contain max SPF 15 so I was thrilled to see that this came in SPF 30.  Even though the SPF is stronger, surprisingly it didn’t smell too strongly of SPF.  It also didn’t leave my hands or face feel too greasy and the scent is almost non existent.  I would recommend this as a daily moisturizer.

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