Pixi Hydrating Milky Collection Review


Hi Savvys,

I recently received the new Pixi Hydrating Milky Collection PR package.  Upon first glance, this PR package looks like a little milk crate, even including a nutritional facts table, which is so cute!  I really like how each box provides an easy to use step for each product so you know which sequence to use them in.  It’s also easy to skip a step that may not necessarily need to be done every day as part of your daily skin care routine.


Overall, I love how there is coconut milk and jojoba oil which makes my skin feel really clean and hydrated.  I do think that 6 steps might be too much for the average person, but since these products are pretty flexible, it can easily be incorporated into your routine.

See below for my full review on each product.

Now set forth and be savvy!


This is the first step for the entire milky collection line.  Make up removers are not something that I use often, and to be honest I usually just use a regular facial cleanser to remove my make up with.  I tested out this make up remover by applying full eye makeup and finishing off with a bronzer.  When using a cotton pad, I was able to remove 90% of my makeup in the first go around, which I think is very efficient and effective.  I find that other make up removers leave my face feeling greasy, however this one made it feel very moisturized after wards and not greasy at all.  I will definitely be incorporating this into my nightly routine.

TheSavvyPantry-PixiMilkyCollection (Makeup Remover)


The hydrating milky cleanser is the second step to this routine (or first step in the morning when you do not need a make up remover).  Cleansers are the most used products that I use in my skincare routine since it’s something that I use everyday.  I really like how thick and creamy this cleanser is.  It was easy to apply and wash off without leaving a residual feeling on my face.  After washing my face, I did find that it left a moisturizing feeling at the end.

TheSavvyPantry-PixiMilkyCollection (Cleanser)


The hydrating milky peel is the 3rd step; however, it can be omitted since it doesn’t need to be used everyday.  I like to incorporate exfoliators into my skincare routine at least monthly.  The directions do indicate that you should use it as a scrub by scrubbing your face and then leaving it on for 2-3 minutes to harden, which is similar to other exfoliators I’ve used so I’m not quite sure why this is called a peel and not an exfoliator.  The scrubs were gentle and did not leave any blotchy red spots on my face, which is what I was concerned about because it is called a peel.  It left my face feeling soft and renewed.

TheSavvyPantry-PixiMilkyCollection (Peel)


The 4th step is the Milky Tonic toner.  Pixi is known for their toners and I was excited to try the Milky Tonic with jojoba milk and green tea.  I always say this but I wish companies would put their toners in spray bottles for easy application instead of having to use a cotton pad.  The toner left my face feeling very refreshed.  This might be my new favourite toner.

TheSavvyPantry-PixiMilkyCollection (Tonic)


The hydrating milky serum is the 5th step to this routine.  It was thick and creamy and a little goes a long way.  I like to apply serums when I’m not doing anything else with my skincare routine that day and feeling lazy because it provides a hydrating feeling to my face with minimal effort.  I also love how cute the bottle is.

TheSavvyPantry-PixiMilkyCollection (Serum)


The final step is the hydrating milky lotion.  The lotion does say that it is both a face and body moisturizer which made me hesitant with putting it on my face.  However, this cream was thick but when applied was very smooth to the touch.  I liked how quickly it absorbed into my skin and left me feeling moisturized all day.

TheSavvyPantry-PixiMilkyCollection (Lotion)


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