What I Eat in a Day in Zurich


Hi Savvys!

Since we came to visit Zurich as a tag-along to Sean’s conference (which was in February 2019 FYI!), this meant that I had 1 full day to roam around the city by myself while he was at his conference.  This gave me a chance to check out all of the vegan restaurants I wanted to try in Zurich and re-visit some of the sights we had seen earlier in the week.

See below for all of the food that I ate in a day in Zurich!  It wasn’t much, and to be honest I thought I would have eaten more food.  But Zurich was really expensive so I am glad that the food was very filling.

The first restaurant that I tried was Roots and Friends.  This restaurant was within a 5-minute walk from the train station which was perfect because I was pretty hungry when I arrived in the city.  I arrived around 11 which was perfect because it was right before the lunch rush.  Right after ordering and sitting down, there ended up being a huge line up of people picking up orders to go, so it was nice to get a seat and people watch while I ate my meal.  Though February in Zurich is much milder than in Canada, it was still a bit chilly so I opted for a miso soup (which unfortunately is no longer on their menu according to their website) with a matcha latte on the side.

The soup was wonderfully flavoured with miso but also had a slight Thai curry flavour as well.  It was filled with lots of raw veggies like cabbage and carrots and topped with fresh cilantro and mint.  The matcha latte was the perfect dessert to go alongside my meal and was wonderfully creamy but not too sweet.

After lunch I walked around the city to visit some sights as I made my way over to the popular grocery/department store Co-op.  I wanted to make a trip here because I heard that they had a huge selection of vegan foods (check out my vegan food haul found here) and wanted to bring some treats home.  I probably spent an hour here because it was so nice to explore and discover all of the different foods that they.

On my way to my next destination, I wanted to visit a different Hiltl location (we had visited one on our first day for lunch) just to check out the selection.  I really like this chain since both times I’ve been, they offered different selection of food which is great because it will keep you wanting to visit over and over again.  However, the food is weighted so it does add up pretty quickly.

On my way back to the train station, I wanted to get some ice cream and bring back some dinner to the hotel.  I was happy to have found The Sacred which had a nice vegan ice cream bar at the front as well as a weighted buffet with a great selection of food so that I can bring back to share with Sean.  The front also had a little section where you could purchase soy and vegan products to cook at home.  The owner was super nice and let me sample a few ice cream flavours before I chose the pistachio.  I wish I had a chance to visit this restaurant again because there was so many things I wanted to try.  For dinner, I took home a selection of veggie curries and some almond feta which was delicious.

Hope you guys enjoyed the list of restaurants that I checked out during our visit.  There were so many more that I didn’t get to check out since I only had a few days to explore.  But I will definitely keep a list handy for if we ever visit Zurich again.

Now set forth and be savvy!

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