The Nature Box Taste Test and Review

Hi Savvys,

I love snacks and love discovering new snack brands, especially when they are at affordable prices!  I had the pleasure of taste testing some snacks from the Nature Box recently and am sharing my thoughts. 

The Nature Box believes in providing delicious and healthy snacks at an affordable price.  You can easily select the type of snacks you want to fit your dietary needs or lifestyle.  They have plenty of vegan snacks to suit my household and I look forward to trying out more!  Every membership provides you with a 20%-40% savings.   If you are not happy with any of their snacks, let them know and they will send you a new one!  They currently offer shipping to Canada at a flat rate, and US citizens get free shipping on orders over $25. 


See below for my review on all of the snacks I received.  Don’t forget to check out my taste testing video!

Now set forth and be savvy!

We love having nuts on hand for a healthy snack.  These Roasted Salted Almonds were perfectly salted and crunchy.  Very easy to eat and share!  I can see myself always having a bag of these in my car as an emergency snack. 
Just like the almonds, these cashews are not too salty and have the perfect crunch.  As a vegan, we always have cashews in the house but are usually unsalted since I usually use them for recipes.  But these cashews remind me that cashews are great for snacking as well! 
One of my favourite snacks to eat is Plantain Chips.  I love that these satisfy the crunch craving that I usually associate with chips, but are less guilt because it’s a fruit.  Lightly salted, it was easy to eat the entire bag in one sitting!
I was pleasantly surprised when I opened this bag of Sweet Jalapeno Lentil Loops.  Perfectly crunchy, they have a slight nutty flavour from the lentils and have a great satisfying crunch.  The jalapeno flavour was perfectly spicy and I can see myself buying 10 bags of this in the future because they were that good!  I might have to say that they might even be my favourite snack so far!
I love having dried fruit on hand as a healthy sweet alternative to candy.  We especially love having mango on hand for road trips.  The tropical mango was chewy, fibrous and perfect for snacking.
I was so surprised to see these dried pineapple pieces still in rings.  It was fun to eat and almost had a jerky like texture.  Very delicious and like the other snacks, I ate the while bag in one siting!
These Banana Maca Energy Maca Bites were surprising in flavour.  They were soft and gooey, almost like fudge, but had the familiar flavour and taste to banana bread.  These came individually wrapped and is easy to throw into my purse or to leave in the car for a quick snack on the road!
I was lucky to be able to try the Blueberry, Apple and Sunflower Seed oatmeal cup as well as the Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal cup.  I liked the added sunflower seeds to the blueberry apple oatmeal cup because it added a punch of protein and crunch.  The apple cinnamon cup and wasn’t too sweet and had a lovely cinnamon aroma.  Overall, I liked the convenience of these little cups.  It’s convenient to travel with since you just need to add hot water and you can easily bring them on the plane for a healthy meal.  We will definitely be bringing these with us once we are able to travel again!
The Red Berry Granola Bars and Chocolate Chip Granola Bars really make me feel nostalgic for childhood again.  They use simple ingredients and are delicious but not too sweet.  I can definitely see myself giving these to Ezra when he’s older to snack on!

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