Get Ready with Me: Mama Friendly Outfits

Hi Savvys,

I love fashion, always have, but since becoming a mom, I’m the first to admit that I have put my passion for clothes on the back burner.  Especially since COVID and the working from home life, it’s so much easier to lounge around the house in comfy clothes, even if they are not the nicest to look at.

Now that we are returning to the office more, weather is getting nice and we are going out more as a family, the spark has come back and I am in the mood to put together outfits, comb my hair, wash my face and take on the world!

I was gifted Elita Intimate’s Silk Magic Collection  just in time for me to jump back into my spring wardrobe!  I love that this collection is made from really soft material making it feel like luxury on my skin, and is also really light weight making it perfect for the warmer months!

I am ready to embrace my new body 9 months after having my 2nd baby.  Check out my video and get ready with me while I get into 4 different outfits that are office appropriate but comfortable so that I can still run around and do mom things!

Lingerie featured in the video include:

Hope you enjoy this post and get re-inspired by what’s in your closet this spring!

Now set forth and be savvy!