3Toddler Friendly Activities to Help with Around the House

Hi Savvys,

Toddlers are naturally curious and always want to lend a helping hand.  Whenever we are doing chores around the house, we see this as an opportunity to engage our toddler by allowing him to “help us”.  Not only are we able to continue on with our weekly chores, but it allows us to bond as well as burn some much-needed energy, especially during the winter months when it’s hard to get outdoors!

See below for 3 toddler friendly activities you can include your toddler in!

  1. I don’t know about your toddler, but my toddler is absolutely obsessed with water.  In the summer time, we have a water table that he likes to play with in the backyard, however during the winter months, it’s hard to get some water play.  Since I water my plants once a week, I decided to include him in this activity!  With a spray bottle or a small measuring cup, I allow him (with supervision) to help water the plants.  It also allows me to teach him the importance of taking care of plants!
  2. I reserve my intensive meal preps for the weekend when my husband is home and can watch the little ones.  But sometimes during the week, especially when my toddler has a lot of energy, I like to bake with him.  This is a great way for me to share my passion of cooking with him while also teaching him life long skills.  I like to set out all of my ingredients on the counter and we will measure the ingredients together.  His job is dumping and taste tester!
  3. The third activity is usually one he helps out with my husband, since my husband does the majority of the cleaning around the house.  We will allow him to help wipe down any spills and press the on button for the vacuum.  It’s also great because it teaches him the importance of cleaning up after yourself.  We’re lucky because our toddler loves to clean up his own toys after he is finished playing.

I hope these activities help inspire you to look for opportunities to include your toddler in your daily routine.  Not only will it serve as great bonding time but it will also help teach your little one life long skills!

Comment below on what activities you like to share with your toddler!

Now set forth and be savvy!